Kingdom Coffee Partners

Quality Coffee with a Kingdom Impact

Does your church serve coffee as a way of extending hospitality to members and visitors? Now your church can partner with Avanti to bring your church family coffee that serves a higher purpose!  

We are seeking Kingdom minded churches looking to advance the Gospel by all means - even through coffee!  A partnership with Avanti coffee will build connections between your congregation and coffee farmers who are learning the truth about Jesus for the first time.  Every cup helps empower farmers and advance the Gospel in remote villages of southern Haiti. 

If your church serves coffee on a weekly basis, for office staff throughout the week, or at special events, we would love to partner with you!  Delicious, Kingdom advancing coffee can show up right on your church doorstep monthly or at the frequency and quantity of your choice, depending on your churches needs. Our Kingdom Coffee partnerships offer a subscription plan and saves you money and time! 

For inquiries email

or to become a Kingdom Coffee Partner today, complete this simple form letting us know your needs!  

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