When we began dreaming about an Avanti Coffee Company merchandise store, we knew it wouldn't be just any ordinary merchandise store.  In order to fit into our brand and heartbeat, every product would need to meet three distinct criteria:

1. Be ethically made, ensuring people and our planet were protected along the way.
2. Be created with incredible quality, reflecting what we have already accomplished in the quality of our beans, roasting, packaging, etc.
3. Have significant purpose, deepening the power and impact of each purchase. 

For example, an Avanti T-shirt could never be just a graphic T-shirt, in the same way that Avanti coffee is not just a cup of coffee.  It is family preservation.  It is empowerment.  It is justice.  It is dignity.  It is orphan prevention.  It is freedom.

We hope you enjoy and appreciate the impact you can make by purchasing from our merchandise store.  There are more products in the works, and we cannot wait to see the impact our Avanti family will make with every purchase! 

- XX, Mallery + Frentz