Our Roots

When coffee is grown above the clouds, it tastes even more like a sip of heaven.  Avanti coffee beans are grown at altitudes averaging 1,500m above sea level.  These high altitudes produce premium coffee beans due to their low oxygen rates which allow each bean to have a slower, more flavorful growing process.  High altitudes also greatly reduce the need for pesticides, allowing us to use all-organic farming methods from start to finish.  While we do not pay for USDA Organic Certification, the integrity of our brand and our beans is important to us and we stand by our commitment to sustainable, organic farming. 

Avanti coffee has low acidity and is made of 100% Arabica beans. Flavors native to Haiti are found in the notes and undertones of our beans like honey, dark chocolate, rich vanilla, bold nuts, sweet raspberry.

Coffee, along with sugar, was once the backbone of Haiti’s economy.  We believe it could be once again.  Avanti Coffee Company was created not only to showcase Haiti’s premium coffee crop, but also to empower rural mountain villages to thrive through economic development and ethical business practices.  The coffee industry is a major abuser of human rights with widespread violations for child labor, inhumane living conditions, lack of latrines, and unfair wages.  Our pursuit of truly ethical coffee and our direct trade model eliminates all of that. 

At Avanti, direct trade means we not only know who our farmers are, but we take time to understand their needs, get to know their families, and even work alongside them in the field on occasion.  We buy our beans directly from the farmers, ensuring they are paid appropriately and that their dignity is protected.  Our direct trade model benefits our customers not only as an ethical value they can feel good about drinking, but also as increased quality assurance.  Our farmers are proud of their work.  They tend to their crops with extra care and attention because Avanti coffee beans are the future of their families.  


After Hurricane Matthew the majority of Haiti’s southern coffee farms were destroyed.  Our adopted villages of Abricot and Chambellan were decimated without a tree left standing.   The process of regrowing shade coverage for optimal coffee growth has taken years.  Shortly after the hurricane, a nonprofit organization, Haiti Foundation Against Poverty, began an agriculture initiative offering families in the community farming tools, seeds, and seedlings.  They also took on larger projects like well drilling to equip the farmers with water for their fields and homes.  Through the support and empowerment offered to them by Haiti Foundation Against Poverty, coffee farmers have been able to replant their gardens and have finally reached the stage of harvesting. 
One of our farmers attempted to explain the setback that Hurricane Matthew caused him by saying, “We never had a lot, but we used to have a few coins to rub together in our pockets.  With those coins we could buy food for that day or a few things we needed.  For years now our pockets have been empty.”  Avanti is coming alongside farmers by purchasing their coffee beans and revitalizing economic growth in the area.  Through their income, farmers can rebuild their homes and provide for the needs of their family with dignity.  We are reaching a day when the pockets of Haiti’s coffee farmers will jingle once again with the sound of hope walking down the mountains after a good day of work.


Frentz and Mallery Neptune are the founders of Haiti Foundation Against Poverty, Gift of Hope Haiti, and now Avanti Coffee Company.  They are both lovers of coffee and passionate about their faith in Jesus and call to protect vulnerable people.  Frentz comes from a long line of generational Haitian coffee farmers.  Avanti has allowed him to dig into his roots and offer economic stability for his people.  

When they aren’t busy dreaming of their next ethical business adventure, Frentz and Mallery are likely with their two young sons making memories, baking or grilling up a feast, or enjoying creation at the beach. Their goal for Avanti Coffee Company is to make the hope of Jesus felt and known for every farmer and customer.