Avanti Coffee Company

12oz Frize-Dark Roast


Avanti Coffee Company

12oz Frize-Dark Roast



Dark Roast

- 12oz Bag
- Organic
- Low-Acid Beans
- Dark Roast
- Direct Trade

A premium low-acidic bean boasting with deep vanilla and nutty undertones and a smooth finish. 

The big, bold flavor of this dark roast earned it the name Frize, which means owl in Haitian Creole.  Owls are known for their large wingspan, smooth flight skills, and nocturnal habits.  Whether you appreciate this roast for its night-owl enhancing ability or its bold, smooth flavor, we know it's about to become your new favorite dark roast!  

Pro Tip: Frize makes a ridiculously good cold brew. 

PS If you subscribe and save, you can have coffee shipped to your door each month and receive 10% off every shipment!  Win-Win!

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Cheryl E
Best Dark Roast Around!

Frize dark roast whole bean is my go to for making espresso. So fresh, bold and tasty. I’m spoiled now and only want Avanti. Nothing else will do!

Audra Hodges
Such a good dark roast

I love the dark roast - it is such a smooth, bold roast and makes excellent cold brew too!

keith kleespies
For me, the perfect coffee

Whatever Avanti is doing differently from everyone else, I don’t know, but their beans give me a superior cup of coffee and I am willing to pay the difference.
Keith K.

Tyler Smith
Amazing quality product and a great mission

This was definitely a quality product, made by a company with a noble mission. My new favorite coffee! There is nothing more I could want in a cup of coffee, it tasted smooth, gave a great boost of energy- and all the while I knew I contributed to sustainable farming in Haiti. Don’t sleep on Haitian coffee!!! (Dark Frize Roast)

Natalie Kuhles
Nice Dark Roast!

The coffee has a smooth yet dark flavor - not smokey at all. Love it!