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You've heard our mission.  You've filled your cups with purpose(if not, what are you waiting for?) and now, It's time.

The world is missing out.  Haiti has so much to offer. 

It's time for the next step of our coffee avanti. (Definition in Haitian Creole: adventure

We are inviting you to be part of something so much bigger than ourselves. 

We are inviting YOU, our favorite coffee lovers, to be part of our team of investors joining together to see Haitian coffee enter the US market in a bigger way.  We want to see premium Haitian coffee on grocery store shelves, at fair trade stores, and being served in your favorite coffee houses. 

Can you see it?  Can you almost taste it?  Will you join us?

Under the French, Haiti was once the world's leading coffee exporter.  It's time for her to climb that list once again, this time as free, empowered farmers with coffee traders setting the bar for living wages and dignified labor practices. 

If you believe this too, please join us.

For the past nine months we have been shipping coffee from Haiti a few bags or pallets at a time.  It's time to invest more capital into our farmers.  As the demand for premium Haitian coffee increases, our need for inventory does too.  This really is a fantastic problem, because it simply means we need to buy MORE beans, thus investing MORE money into our farmers and their communities!  It also means that your dollars are going straight into a coffee farmer's hands and onto his table to feed his family.  Every investment tells a farmer, "I believe in you",  "You have value",  "I value and appreciate your work."

In addition, a generous investor is matching every dollar you contribute, dollar for dollar.  Every $50 invested, immediately turns into $100 in a farmer's pocket! 

As a return on investment and a heartfelt thank you for believing in Haiti, Avanti Coffee Company and our farmers, you can expect the following:

- A gift card matching the size of your investment, valid once the container arrives to the USA (Example: a $50 coffee investment earns a $50 coffee gift card)
- An invitation to our Investor's Only Virtual 1st Container Celebration Party!
- Your name added to our Container Kickstarter graphic
- Outrageous bragging rights for helping the first 20ft container of Avanti coffee beans to reach US soil!

This is an amazing opportunity to make a direct impact on the local economy of rural mountain villages in Haiti by being part of something BIG, while prepaying for coffee you want to drink anyway!  Plus, your coffee investment will be doubled and sent straight to a farmer's pockets in exchange for the fruits of his labor.   

It's time for Haitian coffee to be sipped and enjoyed in towns all across America, and our world.
It's time for Haiti to rise on the list of the world's leading coffee exporters.
It's time for Haitian coffee farmers to stimulate their local economies, feed their families, and send their children to school
It's time for coffee lovers to invest in the hands and hearts of the people who toil to make such a delicious, heaven-sent drink possible. 

It's Time.  Are you with us?

How to invest:
1. Choose your amount - $50, $75, $100, or $200 (Use the + or - to adjust increments)
2. Write in the notes at checkout how you would like your name to appear on the container.  Examples: Mark Mars, Mark and Lucie Mars, The Mars Family, Anonymous

Your gift card and invitation to the Investor's Only Virtual 1st Container Celebration Party will be automatically prepared for you, valid upon the container's arrival to Florida.

*Investment into Avanti Coffee Company, LLC's Container Kickstarter does not include company ownership.